Workspace Wednesday

Creating an inspiring workspace is super important no matter what job you hold. When you build your workspace, consider the following three questions:

  1. What will the space be used for? Is it your area to create or simply to keep paperwork?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What truly inspires you?

These guiding questions will help you to create a workspace that makes you happy to be at work! Using the questions above as a guide, below are some tips to create your best workspace. I will also give you some insight on how I create an inspiring workspace.

What will the space be used for? Is it your area to create or simply to keep paperwork?

Decide on the function of your workspace. For example, I use my desk for three primary reasons: creating art, lesson plan writing, and blogging. Before you add any items to your desk, ask yourself “Do these items  meet the functions of your workspace?” For example: items such as bills, receipts, magazines etc. do not belong on my desk, as they are not motivating nor inspiring.

What makes you happy?

Do you love to play guitar? Are you an avid reader? Think about your hobbies and what you do with your free time. Try incorporating some of your favorite things to your desk area. On and around my desk, you will find a lot of brunch and donut inspired items. They make me happy and keep me working!

What inspires you?

Make a list of people who inspire you.

Got it?

Find examples of their work, whether it’s poetry, graphic design, art, sheets of music etc. and add them to your workspace! Having your inspiration nearby will inspire you to create work that emulates the styles you like.

Don’t forget to edit! Your workspace should evolve with your inspirations. My workspace changes every few months or so to keep me inspired. Here’s a look at my old workspace as shown in a previous post:

hipsterartteacher - desk post-2I will share the new workspace with you next week! What are you inspired by?

xoxo Chelsey

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