Where Have I Been?! Life Update

Ireland_HipsterArtTeacherI have to admit that I am a little disappointed in myself for not blogging for three months straight. I’m not making excuses. I admit that I’ve been part busy, part lazy and part uninspired. For any of my creative friends out there, you can probably relate to the “dry spell” that is creative block. After maintaining a blog for one year (a goal I had for a long time), I took a break. One week turned into two, turned into a month and before I knew it, I was staring at November 1st on the calendar. I’m writing this post to motivate myself to start blogging again, and to share some life updates and changes that have been keeping me busy.

Turning 27!


I had my 27th birthday on August 2nd! I went to Hot Sand in Asbury Park, NJ. You can take a walk in glass blowing class and choose the project you want to make. You also get to choose the colors for your project. After about one to two weeks, you can pick up your creation. I chose to create a black and gold pumpkin. I’ve never taken a glass blowing class before..it was very cool! I would definitely do it again!

Dublin, Ireland



My family took a one week vacation to Dublin, Ireland in July. We explored the Cliffs of Moher, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, annnddd I managed to find a donut spot right near our hotel! I’m hoping to write a more detailed post about our travels soon.

Finally Full Time!


In my last blog post, I shared my big news- getting hired as a Technology Teacher! I am so happy at my new school. I have wonderful students and I’m enjoying teaching new content and trying out new projects. On the other hand, I’ve missed my former coworkers a lot, and it’s definitely hard being new. While I am enjoying the challenge of a new subject area, it is also REALLY hard, since I don’t have another tech teacher to bounce off ideas with. I’m working on updating my curriculum and creating a “year at a glance” for my class. It’s only November, and I have already made notes about what I want to do differently or better for next year. It’s a learning experience for me as well as the kids.

New & Now

You may have noticed I haven’t talked much about Canvas & Cocktails at the LBIF. I am still teaching private parties, but I am in the process of revamping the C&C schedule and projects. Once I have a better idea of what path that class will take, I will post about it here first! As always, if you are interested in hosting a private party, you can email me at chelseyodgers@gmail.com!


I am also in the process of opening my Etsy shop back up! Since being featured in New Jersey Bride magazine, I’ve had a lot of requests to create wedding signs. Look for hand lettered Christmas decor, wedding decor, teacher gifts and other fun items for sale there soon! (Shop announcement will be here as well!)

xoxo Chelsey


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