What’s In My Bag

I wanted to take a break from my Apartment DIY Series to do one of my favorite blogger posts: What’s In My Bag! I watch “What’s In My Bag” YouTube videos all the time & I love seeing what other women carry around on the daily. I tend to change my bags pretty frequently to meet my current needs. When I’m teaching, I usually carry a tote or large purse. My favorite night out purse is a cross body or clutch. Most of my bags are medium-large sized to fit all of my daily essentials.

My current bag is the Louis Vuitton SPEEDY BANDOULIÈRE 30. It was the most expensive fashion purchase I’ve made, but I saved my money because it was something I really wanted. The quality of the bag is far better than any purse I’ve owned and I love that you can wear it on your arm or as a cross body bag.  Now let’s take a look inside:



  • Wallet: Cash, cards etc.
  • Business Cards/Holder: I got this business card holder from Target. I always carry extra business cards on me. Looking to purchase your own set of business cards? Check out my Business Card Review post.
  • Sunglasses: No matter what time of year it is, there is nothing worse than blinding sunlight while driving to school in the morning.  My sunglasses are Fendi Bold Squares.
  • Lipstick: I usually have at least two lipsticks in my bag, one daytime and one nighttime. Right now my favorite is Clinique Pop Lip Color+Primer in 09 Sweet Pop.
  • Lotion: When I’m teaching art, my hands get super dry from using pastels, charcoal and paint. I like to keep a small hand lotion in my bag.
  • Mini mirror: Vera Bradley.
  • Extra charger: For those nights when I forget to charge my phone.
  • Planner: I use my planner to keep track of my Canvas & Cocktails classes, days off from school, half days, department meetings, doctor appointments etc. My planner is the Academic Planner from A Beautiful Mess. Of course I got the #busy design.
  • Pens, pencils(and sometimes a paintbrush or two): Art teacher/planner necessities.

I hope you enjoyed this look inside my bag.  What do you carry around in your bag?

xoxo Chelsey

PS: Look for a post soon regarding Fall 2015 Canvas & Cocktails bookings! September dates are booking fast. If you are looking to host a Canvas & Cocktails party, email chelseyodgers@gmail.com 🙂




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