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As a former Girl Scout (shout out Troop 355!) I loved crafting and earning badges for various activities. I am also a big fan of the classic movie “Troop Beverly Hills”. Phyllis Nefler is my spirit animal. When I heard one of my favorite blogs, Studio DIY, was giving away pin packs (flair!!!) for crafting and tagging photos to #troopstudiodiy, let’s just say I was ALL IN. My hopes came true when I received an email January 25th that I was a flair winner and of course a member of the troop!!

I received the pin pack and I had one of those awesome lightbulb moments. Why not display these pins in all their glory on a sash just like the one I used to wear in Girl Scouts? But this couldn’t be just ANY sash. Studio DIY is known for bright colors and fun photoshoots with Kelly, a fellow Jersey girl (can we please be best friends?) So I tracked down a pink sash, a pink beret and the rest just came together. It’s one part pagent material and one part a 90s Girl Scout dream! Of course this photo shoot was for fun, but I actually really love my sash! It currently hangs near my desk space (updated post coming soon!) Wanna make your own Troop accessories?

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Materials needed:

Pink Sash (Amazon)

Pink Beret (Amazon)

Scalloped Die Cut Glitter Circle (Hobby Lobby)

Embroidered Letters (Hobby Lobby)

Flat round pin back (Hobby Lobby)


  1. Iron your sash in a low heat setting (the material is polyester) to get out any creases.
  2. Position your “STUDIO DIY” letters on the sash. Remove the sticker backing and place onto the sash. Try to keep spacing the same between letters.
  3. Using the same iron settings, place a paper towel on top of the letters. Iron the front of each letter for 30 seconds. Once each letter has been ironed, repeat this step on the other side of the sash as well.
  4. Using a Sharpie, write “Troop” in any style lettering you like on your die cut circle! I’m really into hand lettering and calligraphy, but you can look up lettering online or on Instagram.
  5. Attach the flat round pin back to the circle using your hot glue gun. Pin the circle above the “STUDIO DIY” on your sash.
  6. Add your flair to the bottom of your sash (just like in Girl Scouts!)

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There you have it! If you make your own sash, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@hipsterartteacher)

xoxo Chelsey


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