November Canvas & Cocktails 2015 (1 YEAR anniversary!!!)

Ahh you guys!!!! It’s officially been one year since I started teaching Canvas & Cocktails at the LBIF! Canvas & Cocktails has continued to grow & has quickly become one of my favorite days of the month. Before I reveal this month’s special painting, I want to thank a few people who help make this class possible.

Amy Carreno, LBIF Public Programs Coordinator, provided me with this amazing opportunity. Amy is a rockstar and I am so lucky to have her in my life!

I also have to thank Bokey of Photo by Bokey for taking photographs of every class to share with you guys! One of my favorite moments in each class is when everyone is gathered on stage for the group picture. It’s always to fun to see you interpretations and creativity!

James Stanch is responsible for setting up our Canvas & Cocktails space. Thank you, James, for always setting up tables, chairs and easels.

I also want to quickly thank DeBorah Brill, Rick Bushnell, Wendy & Lydia for their behind the scenes office work.

And now… November’s painting! Check out the Youtube reveal video below!!

I enjoyed making the time lapse ending to show you guys my process. This class means a lot to me & I plan on thanking you guys by doing some giveaways…stay tuned 😉

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