New year, new challenges


Hey, friends! Today, I wanted to share with you some life updates. First off, I’m teaching again! No, not full time yet, but I am subbing every day in the same position(!!!!!!) My New Year’s challenge has been learning to teach an age group I have the least experience in- elementary art! Whenever I share the news, the first question is always “How does it compare to middle school!?” The real answer is- it doesn’t. There are definitely pros and cons to both age groups, but I’m reallly loving elementary art so far! So what are my new challenges?

1) Developing brand new lesson plans that will work for younger students, grades K-5. My two year’s worth of middle school lessons will not work for my Kindergarten friends (whomp, whomp). While this is difficult, I like the challenge of finding new projects to teach. Sometimes when you teach the same subject for a long time, you get stuck in a sort of rut. Your go-to projects are fun, but slowly start to lose their appeal. New projects are exciting for students and for me!

2) Working between two schools. Not a challenge I haven’t faced before (I used to travel between a middle and high school). I forced myself to get organized from the beginning- a folder for each class, a color for each grade, and I organized folders by day of the week. I only see my elementary students one time a week, so it’s vital that everything has a home.

3) Understanding what works for my new students. Elementary students respond to things differently- which is not a bad thing! They love watching me demonstrate, they get super excited about projects and they love to tell you stories (insert heart emoji) They also require more attention, each step needs to be given slowly and as specific as possible. I’m still adjusting to my new friends, but I know they will teach me so much!


During this new year, new challenge time, I have enlisted the help of the internet for some guidance and project ideas. I wanted to share some of my favorite resources for my fellow art teacher friends who may be looking for some inspiration:

Cassie Stephens– the ULTIMATE art teacher! She is so creative and has the best #artteacherclothes ever.

Pinterest– check out my board for Elementary Art lesson ideas or for elementary teachers who want to add some creativity to a lesson 🙂

Abby Schukei– another awesome art teacher! I love her project ideas!

In case you were wondering- I will still be teaching Canvas & Cocktails at the LBIF! The first class of 2016 is Friday January 18 at 7pm. We are painting on a brand new surface…be sure to check the LBIF Facebook page for the official announcement by the end of the week 😉 I also teach private painting parties with my business Canvas & Cocktails with Chelsey Odgers. There are still a few dates in the upcoming months open, but they are filling quickly! Be sure to like my Facebook page for updates on all of my classes.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

xoxo Chelsey

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