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Hey everyone!  I’m in the process of moving this week, and it’s been pretty crazy.  My life is in boxes and I’ve been getting takeout for pretty much every meal.  I will be making some moving posts soon- including how I plan to decorate the new apartment!! 🙂  I’m taking a break from packing to let you guys know about an awesome website to print business cards,!  My boyfriend Matt first introduced me to about a year ago, but at the time I didn’t necessarily need business cards.  Now that I have a successful (and busy!) Canvas & Cocktails business, I use business cards all the time!

I ordered a set from my local Staples my first time around.  I was not super happy with the quality, but for the price and next day printing, I settled for what I got.  After launching this website, I wanted to update my cards to include my url,  I ordered a set from after designing my card in Adobe Illustrator.

When the package arrived, I was immediately drawn to the packaging (the “Yay!” sticker and “Thanks for being lovely” card were so me!).  I also loved the black business card holder box, which is the perfect size to slide right into my purse or teaching bag.  The cards were thick quality card stock and felt wayyy more legit than my old Staples version.  *For privacy reasons, I have blurred out my phone number on all photos.

yaystickerlovelymooboxopenedMooboxesfinalfinalcardYou may be thinking to yourself, I don’t have a business so why would I need business cards?  I’ve come up with a list below of different uses for business cards:

  • “Hire me” cards- Cards for the recent college graduate or someone who is looking to move to a new company.  You never know when you’re going to run into someone you want to keep in contact with, and you may not always have a pen and paper on you!
  • “Just moved” cards- Have you recently moved?  Create a set of business cards with your updated address to hand out to friends & family so they can send you this year’s Christmas card!
  • “Professional” cards- No matter what your job is- create a card with your name, phone number and email in case anyone needs to reach you.  Be sure to include your job title as well!
  • “Website” cards- Have your own WordPress? Tumblr? It may just be a side project or hobby for now, but it’s good to network yourself and let people know how to find your site!
  • “Event/Save the Date” cards- Create a small invite on a business card for a graduation party, birthday party, bachelorette party etc.  The small card will fit perfectly into a planner or wallet!

Leave a comment below letting me know what kind of card you would make!

*Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for my opinions.

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