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May.  With summer just two months away, it’s hard to believe how fast this school year went!  This school year alone, I’ve taught middle school art, high school art, and then a brand new class I created, Spanish Art (more about that in a future post).  It’s been a challenging school year, but one I will definitely remember.  How do I keep myself inspired and create interesting lessons and projects all year long?  Resources!  I use many different sources for inspiration.  My goal for this month is to be inspired and to inspire you!

Here is a list of ways I get inspired:

  1. People watch.  I like to sit outside on a bench and watch people.  I know, it sounds weird, but you can learn a lot by watching people.  I see what they are wearing, how they act and the way they present themselves to the world.  Maybe I will be inspired by the pattern on a girl’s dress, or the color of a guy’s hair.  In my teaching career, I like watching other teachers teach.  I can see what teaching methods are working and what I want to adapt or use in my own classroom.  Learning from another’s success, if you will.
  2. Spend hours on Pinterest.  I am a very visual person.  When I need to look up a lesson plan or get ideas for projects, I use Pinterest.  Pinterest is a way to organize links you find online.  You can create different boards for topics.  For example, I have teaching boards for middle school, one for high school art, one for Spanish Art etc.  This helps to clear up your hard drive (or your computer desktop), and you don’t have to keep emailing yourself the links you like.  In the DIY department, Pinterest has many useful tips and tricks to get the look you want for less.  Check out my Pinterest to see some sample boards.
  3. Go to a museum.  Museums are full of different styles and eras of art.  I recommend looking up museums online to see what exhibitions are currently being displayed, as they sometimes change pretty frequently.  Many museums are free, or ask for a small donation.  This a great way to look at what other artists are doing, and see what you like.  For those who don’t consider themselves artists (but I do!), it’s fun to see how artists use colors, textures and how they compose their images.  You can find the styles of art that you like and may help you to pick out art for your own home.  I have listed a few of my favorite museums & galleries- click on the name to view their website: MOMA, Parlor Gallery, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Grounds for Sculpture.
  4. Read/Look through your favorite magazine.  Magazines are full of great design tips and projects you can DIY.  For example, if you see a painting or photograph you like in an editorial, try making your own version that is inspired by it!  In my opinion, the more images you see, the more creative you will be.  It’s kinda like your “feeding your brain” with visual stimulation.  My favorite magazines to flip through are: Nylon, People Style Watch, Martha Stewart Living, and Juxtapoz.

I hope that this post has inspired you.  Send me a comment letting me know how you will get inspired this month!


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