Makers Gonna Make: Makers Festival 2015

Hello readers! Today, I want to inform you of a super cool event near my hometown called the Makers Festival! The Makers Festival is Saturday September 19th from 10am-6pm. The festival is described as “..a huge party in the name of all things art, vintage, music, merriment, recreation, leisure and sustainable living”. The festival will take place at Beachview Farms in Manahawkin, NJ.


What is a maker? To “make” is to create, through invention and handiwork, from conception to finish. “Makers” have become popular with the birth of sites like Pinterest and Etsy. People are looking for hand made, unique items that are high quality. These items are hard to find in stores. Support your local artists and makers & attend this event!

I will be at Makers Fest with the LBIF selling my artwork and advertising Canvas & Cocktails. I am even bringing some mini canvases and paints with me to create art on site! The paintings I create at the event will be for sale for $20/canvas and will be custom made. If you are interested, get there early as I will be leaving around 2pm. Be sure to check out the LBIF table after I leave to see my good friend Jeff throwing clay mugs on site!

The admission to this event is FREE! They even offer a free shuttle from Southern Regional Middle School over to the event. Along with the LBIF, there are many other vendors and artists selling various items. Check out the Makers Fest site for more info! Hope to see you Saturday xoxo

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