Laser Etching!


I visited Boston with Matt for Valentine’s Day weekend. It worked out that Monday I was off from school, so we were able to take a two night trip. Boston has always been a destination we’ve wanted to go. When discussing Valentine’s Day plans, we wanted to go on an adventure, as we’ve done the dinner/Atlantic City/ Philly plans already. I wanted to share one activity in particular that we did during our stay: Laser etching! What exactly is laser etching and how does it work?

We took a class at Danger!Awesome, a studio where you can etch wood, glass and plastic! We created a shot glass design using Adobe Illustrator. I am pretty well versed in Illustrator (I was a graphic design major in college!) but it is fairly easy to use if you have never worked with it before.



After creating our designs, we copied them to a flash drive for the class and went upstairs to the laser etching machine.  The class instructor would line up each shot glass one at a time inside of the machine, under the laser.




Once lined up, the machine was closed and the laser began etching the design into the glass. Because the surface of the shot glass is curved, the designs were not exactly the same as the Illustrator file, but they came pretty close! Check out my results below!

hipster art teacher shot glass-1

hipster art teacher shot glass-2

Photos courtesy of Photo By Bokey

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