Home DIY Series: Empty Apartment Tour

Happy July!! As I mentioned in a past post, I just moved out of my old apartment and into a new one.  My old apartment was furnished, so I didn’t have to do a lot of decorating.  I stuck with what was already there to save money.  Our new apartment however is completely open and empty- ready to be designed!  I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest for months now, and planning what color schemes would be used for each room.  During the month of July, you will get a glimpse of how I design my space, and tips and tools to make your space unique!

When you open the door, you walk up a set of stairs and turn left to enter the apartment.  This is our entryway.  We plan on hanging a key rack on the wall to the left.

doorwayThis is your first look into the apartment.  To the left is the living room, craft area and kitchen; to the right is the bathroom and bedroom.  You can see both the living room and bedroom in this picture.


This is a closer look at the living room leading into the kitchen area.  Notice the pile of canvases on the ground hahaha 🙂
livingroomkitchenHere is the bedroom.  That closet is wayy too small for me.bedroomLast but not least, the bathroom.  The counter space is small, but it’s a decent size for two people.


This apartment is a blank canvas ready for color, patterns and texture.  As we decorate each space in the apartment, I will post updates to this blog!  Hope everyone is enjoying summer so far 🙂



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