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Hi friends! My posting schedule has been off lately, but I am back and will be sharing weekly posts again! Before you begin reading this, you should know this is my FAVORITE part of the new apartment (really!) You know you’re a teacher when you love collecting desk accessories and organizing supplies. I wanted to talk about my desk space, and how it helps me stay organized, creative and get a whole bunch of work done! My desk is the Tornliden table top in Pine and the Oddvald legs from Ikea. Take a look below:hipsterartteacher - desk post-2deskpost1

1) Framed Article. I hung this article from a local newspaper featuring one of my best selling Canvas & Cocktails classes. It’s nice to celebrate your successes and looking at this article always makes me smile.

2) Shelf. This shelf is the Ekby Tony in high gloss white with Ekby Valter in Black brackets from Ikea.  I love the clean look of the black & white.  I store all of my binders with important paperwork, lesson plans, curriculum planning and my teaching portfolio. Download templates for the inserts of your binder to add fun colorful patterns and text like I did!  I don’t use these binders daily, so it’s good to have them up high so there’s more room on my desk for activities!!  The Eiffel Tower bookends were a gift from my Mom after our trip to Paris.hipsterartteacher - desk post-3

3) Dry Erase/ Inspiration Board.  To make my desk a little more colorful, I covered the outside edge of this dry erase board with this floral Duct Tape from Michaels.  I used magnets to add cards from students, ABM Happy Mail cards, and important notes and business cards.  How perfect is the “Get to Work” ombre print!?hipsterartteacher - desk post-4

4) Writing materials.  Scissors, sharpies, colored pens, pencils, markers and paint pens can all be found in various sized cups and mini buckets.hipsterartteacher - desk post-5

5) Colorful, motivational prints & donuts galore. I am subscribed to A Beautiful Mess’ Happy Mail, where they send you cute cards and prints each month.  These are my three favorite prints, so I decided to hang them near my work area to inspire me! I also have a framed donut gift bag (from Target) and my own hand painted donut record (which will be available for purchase via my Etsy store soon!).  I love donuts!

6) Spice Rack Desk Essentials. When I picked this bekvam spice rack and set of rajtan jars up from Ikea, I didn’t know exactly what I would use them for. When I brought them home, I found they were the perfect size for my desk essentials: paper clips, large and small binder clips, and small tubes of glitter.  The spice rack keeps them looking neat, clean and out of the way.

The best thing about this area is that my desk inspires me to want to get work done.  I’m already using my desk space to write the blog you’re reading now!  I can’t wait to use this space to work on my scrapbooking and hand lettering.  What do you use your desk space for? xoxo

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