Home DIY Series: Craft Cart


The Craft Cart is the perfect solution for storage in small spaces. My craft cart is the Raskog utility cart from Ikea in turquoise. The cart was easy to assemble and comes in gray and beige as well. I wanted to create a craft cart for all of my scrapbooking and small art essentials (paints, inks etc.) Want to create your own?  Follow the steps below!

Step One: Create sections

Divide your supplies up into piles of similar items.  Decide which items you use frequently and place those items towards the top of your cart.  On my cart, the top section is for stickers, stamps, pens and ABM Happy Mail cards. The middle section holds small acrylic paints, tags, and watercolor sets. The bottom section is where I keep my ABM Messy Box kits. Keeping your supplies in their sections will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for!



Step Two: Purchase & Arrange Small Bins

I purchased small bins from the Target dollar section and home goods section. I knew I wanted a bin for my cards, one for my stickers and one for my tags.  I measured the size of my cart before shopping to be sure they would fit.  If you have old bins or small gift boxes you are no longer using, these would work well too!



Step Three: Organize!

Figure out how you can arrange your small bins to give you the most space. Try moving the bins horizontally and vertically or switching supplies from bin to bin. I created my own dividers for my Happy Mail cards, separating them into categories such as Birthday, Holiday, I Love You etc. To create your own dividers, cut manila file folders down to fit inside of your small bin (make sure you don’t cut off the tab!). You can label the tabs and decorate the divider with a pattern. You could create dividers for stickers, seasonal scrapbooking papers, or gift tags/labels.



The cool thing about this cart is that it can be used for pretty much anything!  I’ve listed a few other ways you might use this cart to help you declutter & stay organized:

  • CD/Record/Gaming/DVD Cart: Organize all of your music, movies and gaming equipment.
  • Coffee/Bar Cart: If you are looking for a smaller version of a bar cart, this is the perfect size!
  • Accessory Cart: Jewelry, Headbands, Sunglasses, Nail Polish etc. This would make a cute “getting ready” station for all of the finishing touches on your outfit!
  • Magazine/Book Cart: There is plenty of room on this cart for all of your favorite reads!

Do you have a craft cart?  How do you store your essentials? xoxo

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