Home DIY Series: Color Schemes

In my recent blog post, I discussed how certain colors combine to create color harmony.  Creating color harmony in your home is super important. Before moving in, we sat down and talked about what colors we could both agree on. We started with the largest area of space in our apartment- the living room/office/craft area.  We looked at the pieces we already had (our rug, bar cart, my craft cart etc.) to see what set of colors could unify these pieces. For the living room, office and craft areas, we decided to use black, white and mint with accents of gold. Deciding this before we bought anything proved to be super helpful (and helped us save money on things we couldn’t or wouldn’t use!)


Once we had our first color scheme selected, we began devoting weekend trips to look for essentials. After picking out a super cute set of lemon patterned hand towels (Target’s design team gets me every time!) for the kitchen, we decided our kitchen color scheme would be gray, yellow and white.


The bathroom’s color scheme was also decided while trying to pick up essentials.  We found a really cool hexagon print shower curtain, which happened to match an Ikea clock we had from a previous apartment.  It was a sign!  We also found a chevron rug.  I thought the two patterns might clash, but the combination looks very bohemian hippie and I love it!

Here are my tips for selecting color schemes:

  • Look at the pieces you have already (desk, chairs, rug etc.). Try to select a color scheme that matches what you already own.  If you own a piece that doesn’t fit with your scheme, find a way to work it into another area of the apartment/house.
  • Pick two main colors and one accent color. The main colors are used for big areas such as your rug, couch, wall paint, etc.  The accent color can be used for accessories in the room; such as: frames for photographs, pillows, a vase, mirror, bar cart etc.
  • Use color theory to help you! Complementary colors work best (colors across from each other on the color wheel).  However, there are many other color combinations you can use.
  • Use Pinterest, design blogs and magazines to get inspired! It’s always a good idea to see how other people have organized their spaces and what colors worked for them. You can visit your local library to read design magazines, or search categories on Pinterest to find what you are looking for.  You might type in “living room design”  or you could type in your color scheme “black mint gold living room”.  I also loved checking out A Beautiful Mess’ “At Home With” series.  Check it out!
  • Pick colors you like.  What color is your cell phone case?  What color are the majority of your clothes?  What about your shoes?  This one was easy for me.  I wear a ton of black and white.  I also love that these colors make a space look clean and contemporary.

I can’t wait to show you more photos of our apartment!  Have a great weekend!

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