Hipster Fashion: Lapel Enamel Pins

I am a collector of many things. When I was younger, I collected American Girl dolls, pins, books etc. Disney pins were collected on a lanyard each time I visited Disney World. Some of the things I currently collect are anything donut related, skulls, artwork, and Mickey ears from Disney. I recently added enamel lapel pins to my collection.

What are lapel pins you might ask? A lapel pin is a small pin that is worn on the folded flap on either side of a jean/leather jacket or shirt. Lapel pins can be worn to identify a group or organization, but they can be fun too! I first noticed a pin trend happening when Studio DIY & A Beautiful Mess featured their wish list of pins they wanted. After falling in love with a few of the pins, I too have decided to start collecting lapel pins! If you’re looking to start a collection like me, I’ve decided to share a list of 9 pins you need for your starter set (& links to buy them so your #pingame can be strong!):



Fries Before Guys | Internet | No Soup For You | Admit It | Heart Lolli | Time Flies | Ring Pop | Twins | Play for Keeps (Glow in the Dark!)

So many good choices! The Pog pin? The 90’s child in me is loving this. What pins will you get to start your collection?

xoxo Chelsey


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