Happy Donut Day!!

Donut Day Hipster Art Teacher

Donut Day is pretty much my favorite holiday of the year. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a donut obsession. From my donut painted records, to my donut purse, donuts are my favorite food of all time! If you’re obsessed with donuts and Donut Day like me, check out my past donut themed posts:

hipsterartteacher - desk post-2

Donut-themed Desk: Check out my donut-themed desk space and look for an updated desk space coming soon!!


Donut Laser Etched Glass: On Valentine’s Day weekend, I designed and etched my own glass at Danger!Awesome in Boston, MA.


Donut Decor & Apparel: Perfect gifts for your friends (or yourself!)

(Image: Lindsay Letters)


Happy Donut Day!!

xoxo Chelsey

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