Flower Photo Frame DIY

Mother’s Day gifts are not always easy to find.  Flowers eventually die, gift cards don’t feel personal.  This year, I decided to DIY my mom a gift she could use in her classroom or at home.  After all, moms always like handmade gifts 🙂

After scrolling through Pinterest, I found many DIY photo frames, but none of the frames seemed to match my mom’s personal style…so I decided to make my own!  Below I’ll tell you the steps to create your own frame.  You can customize your frame for any occasion or gift receiver.  This would be a great anniversary gift, birthday gift, graduation gift, etc.  Here we go!

Cropped MomMaterials needed:


  • Large Photo Frame- Ac Moore similar here
  • Mat board- Ac Moore/Michaels
  • Acrylic paint- Michaels
  • Watercolor Paint- Michaels
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Wire- Michaels
  • Eye Hooks
  • Optional- Black & Decker Drill

Step One:  Remove the backing and glass from the back of your frame.  Use the backing as a stencil and trace onto the mat board.  Use an x-acto knife to cut out the shape.  Place to the side.

Step Two:  Use the acrylic paint color of your choice to paint the frame.  Think about where the frame will be used; what colors, patterns etc. would go best with the decor?  My mom is a teacher and her school colors are red and black.  I went with red so that the frame was bright and cheery 🙂  Be sure to paint at least two coats and let dry.

Mothers Day Gift-Painting

Step Three:  While you are waiting for the frame to dry, create a design on the mat board (this will become the background of the frame).  I used watercolor paint to create a floral design.  Check out my process below.  You can use colored pencils or markers to create the design as well.  The design can be as simple as writing a name across the mat board in fancy letters.

Watercolor Flowers

Flower gif

Step Four:  Place the mat board in the frame, and put the backing on.  Measure and cut the wire across your frame so that the photos will hang, but the wire will not be too loose (be sure to cut it so that you have some extra wire on the ends).  Place the wire where you want it to hang across the frame.  Attach the eye hooks by twisting them into the side of the frame (you can use a drill to make a small hole to make the twisting easier- I used a 1/16″ drill bit).  Use a pair of pliers to wrap the remaining wire on the sides onto the eye hooks.

Wire AttachedStep Five:  Attach a few clothespins to the wire.  Hang photos, a sweet note, a concert/sporting event ticket or any other sentimental memento to the frame.

DetailClose Up FrameFrameAnd that’s it!  This takes a few hours to complete, but the result is really awesome!  If you make your own photo frame, hashtag #hatphotoframe so I can see what you made 🙂

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