Collab Project with Danger!Awesome

Hey guys! I am soo excited to share this secret project with you guys! For the past two weeks, I have been working with Danger!Awesome to create a one of a kind product for my friends & followers. You may remember Danger!Awesome from my “Glass Etching” post. Their main mission has been all about bringing making (3d printing, lasercutting, other awesomeness) to the masses. Cool right? The founders of Danger!Awesome even created a music video for Ok Go! Check it out below:

They approached me about creating something awesome for you guys and I was totally on board. I worked with their designer, Atma, to create a one of a kind coaster in the shape of a paint palette! It’s too cute! Plus- I chose to donate 25% of all sales to David’s Dream and Believe, a local non-profit that raises money for families affected by cancer 🙂



Here are some awesome ways to use your limited edition coaster:

  • bring your coaster to one of my Canvas & Cocktails classes to set your wine glass on. Think of the Instagram worthy photos you can take at the class! It’s functional and adorable!
  • use a set at home for you and your gal pals! Your guests will be super impressed with the quality; these guys are made using cut wood & acrylic insets!
  • use this coaster with your favorite hand painted wine glass, mason jar or tumbler! With warmer weather approaching, you can set your drink of choice on this coaster while you lounge in the sun.

I hope that you guys love this product as much as I do. You will be supporting an awesome company who shares the goal of bringing art to as many people as possible. To get your limited edition coaster, follow the link below:

Thank you for all of your support. Without my followers, this project would not have been possible!!

xoxo Chelsey

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