Canvas & Cocktails Reveal Video!

For my LBIF Canvas and Cocktails announcement this month, I thought it would be fun to make a video reveal! I’ve been wanting to make one for months, and this month I finally had the time to create one.

In my video reveals, you’ll see the image we will be painting, where I found my inspiration, and how you can register. I will definitely be switching up the type of video I make each month too. I hope that you will check out my Youtube channel where I will be posting the reveal videos and much more.

I plan to make some DIY and educational videos since I can’t teach as much as I would like in my two hour classes. I want to give you the opportunity to try some new painting, tips, & techniques you can try out on your own. If you have any suggestions for my channel, please comment below! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram & Facebook page for detailed information about all of my classes 🙂

Okay now for the reveal video! It’s time to officially announce October’s Canvas & Cocktails painting. Check it out by watching the video below:

To register for the class, visit ! Sign up quick, this one’s gonna sell out! xoxo


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