Canvas Classroom: Nautical Pillow

I recently announced my July Canvas & Cocktails painting on Facebook and Instagram!  I wanted to switch up the class this month, so instead of painting a canvas we will be painting a 12×12″ pillow!  See it below!


So cute right?  I love decorative pillows to add an accent to my couch, bed or chair.  You can make this pillow for a friend, daughter, mother or yourself of course.  I wanted to provide my Canvas & Cocktails students with some helpful tips before this class so that you can plan out your ideas and come away with a pillow you truly love!

Canvas Classroom: Color Choices

I get a lot of questions the night of Canvas & Cocktails about what colors should be used or go well together.  Well, the simple answer is to use a color wheel to help you!  The color wheel is a tool artists use to determine color relationships (aka what colors look awesome together!)  and how to mix colors.  See it below:


I’m going to give you a mini color lesson on how to use the wheel.  The primary (main) colors are red, yellow and blue.  You can mix them to make all of the colors you see on the color wheel!  In Canvas & Cocktails class, you’ve probably noticed that I give you these three colors only – that’s because they can be mixed to make so many colors.  You can figure out how to mix a color by looking to see what two primary colors surround it.  For example, if you wanted to make yellow-green, you would need yellow and blue.  You would use more yellow since that color is listed first, indicating there is more of that color in the mix! 

What colors should I use for my pillow?

For this project, you will only need to select two colors-one for the stripes and one for the anchor.

The best color scheme to use would be the Complementary color scheme.

Complementary colors are colors that are directly across from each other on the wheel.  For example, Red & Green are across from each other and are complementary.  That’s why they make such great Christmas colors!

Think about the decor in your house.  What colors would go well with your decor?  Let’s take a look at a few examples together:

Let’s say I have a teal couch.  What colors could I use?



Let’s look at a Yellow-green chair now.  What complementary colors would match?


What about a black or white couch?


I hope this color lesson has given you a better understanding of color relationships.  Leave a comment below letting me know what colors you will use for your pillow!! xoxo


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