Blogmas 2015: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker ballet is very special to me. You can read all about the story of the Nutcracker here. When I was in fifth grade, I auditioned for the Nutcracker and was accepted! I performed two roles in the production: a toy solider and a page. My sister Kaitlyn was a soldier and one of the small mice in the fight scene between the Nutcracker and King Mouse. My mom drove my sister and I to practices for months leading up to December. There were many, many hours of waiting for rehearsal, the rehearsals themselves and then of course, the dress rehearsal onstage. We performed in two theaters, one of which was the Strand Theatre in Lakewood. Check out our super serious soldier faces below:


It was such a fun experience and something I will never forget. After our performances that year, my mom purchased my sister and I our first Nutcracker to remember the experience. Since receiving my first Nutcracker, I started my own Nutcracker collection, which I display each year. Want to start your own collection? I looked online to find some of this year’s best Nutcrackers. Although most are for decoration, I love that each one is usually hand made and has a theme. Check them out below! (click on the name to view product/website)

Ballet Nutcracker


Soldier Nutcracker 


Baker Nutcracker


Mouse King Nutcracker


Glitter Nutcracker


If you have never seen the Nutcracker ballet at Christmas, I would highly recommend it! It’s a great “starter” ballet if you’ve never been before. It really puts you in the Christmas mood 🙂

xoxo Chelsey


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