Blogmas 2015: School Traditions


Last year’s middle school Christmas Assembly act- “Shake it Off” aerobics video (I was T Swift!)

Every year at my school district, the faculty, staff, and students gather for the annual Christmas assembly. There is a high school and middle school assembly (I was in the middle school assembly the past two years!) Today, I’m going to highlight the high school assembly. If you ask anyone from my high school, they will tell you it is magical and probably their favorite memory while attending! I wanted to document the experience on my blog and share why it means so much to me.

The high school Christmas assembly is on the last day of school before winter break. Students and staff are called to the gymnasium during 8th period. Students sit by grade level in the bleachers and the assembly begins. It usually starts out with performances by the vocal ensemble and band members. After the student performances, the “Night Before Christmas” story is acted out by teachers. They play the parts of the family, reindeer and Santa. The faculty acts are up next!

First, is the women’s faculty act- The Rockettes! Female faculty members practice for many hours before the performance. There is choreography, smiles and high kicks of course! There’s also the popular men’s Sugar Plum Fairies act! Who doesn’t want to see the guy teachers prancing around in tights, skirts and wigs!? After the faculty acts, Santa and Mrs. Clause come to visit!

The last two parts of the assembly are my favorite. For weeks leading up to the assembly, students are asked to bring in non-perishable food for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. The items are collected, counted, and stuffed into many rolling carts. During the assembly, students roll in all of the food collected. It is amazing to see the amount of food collected all in one room. It’s a very touching moment. The students are so generous and this year, my school collected over 45,000 items!


The very last part of the assembly is the “Twelve Days of Christmas” sing along. Each class takes turn naming the day’s gift from the song. Everyone sings along and it’s also a competition to see who gets to leave the assembly first (the seniors usually win). It may sound silly, but this assembly means so much to me. I am so proud of my school and the people who work there. Even though I am not currently working in the district, it is still my alma mater and will always be home to me. The past few years, I have seen or been able to participate in the assembly. I was not able to attend the assembly today, but it was definitely on my mind 🙂

xoxo Chelsey

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