Blogmas 2015: Gingerbread Calendar


One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is creating our Gingerbread Calendar! Simply put, our Gingerbread Calendar consists of one paper gingerbread man for each weekday of the month of December. We use a gingerbread man cookie cutter and a brown paper shopping bag to create the gingerbread men! We also use construction paper to cut out presents, trees or Santas for the weekend days. The gingerbread men are hung on a string, and each day we take down one gingerbread man until Christmas! So fun right!?

Our very first gingerbread calendar was made in 1993(!!!) when I was just four years old. My mom was inspired by an article in Family Fun magazine. Each year, we create a gingerbread man that looks like us! For example, when I was graduating college in December of 2012, I made myself as a graduation gingerbread girl (complete with cap & gown!) Today, I am sharing some photos of my family creating this year’s calendar from start to finish. I hope you like them!

Step One: Use cookie cutters to create the shapes for each day of the calendar. This year, we used gingerbread men for Monday through Friday, and snowmen for Saturday and Sunday. Fold your grocery bag in half and trace the cutter. When tracing, leave a little space at the top so both sides of the gingerbread man can hang over the string.


Step Two: Cut out the shapes. Make sure you don’t cut across the top or the gingerbread men won’t hang on the string!



Step Three: Add details! What kind of hair does your gingerbread man have? What clothes are they wearing? Does he wear a hat? scarf? glasses?



Step Four: Number the bottom right hand corner with the date in December. Remember that the gingerbread men on the end of the calendar will be up the longest! Tape ribbon across a window or ledge. Hang each gingerbread man one by one, in number order.



Step Five: Enjoy your calendar! Remember, each day you will remove one gingerbread man from the calendar until Christmas. If you want to keep the fun going, you can create the entire month of December like we did!


If you make a gingerbread calendar, be sure to share it with me by using the hashtag #HATblogmas on Instagram!

xoxo Chelsey


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