Blogmas 2015: Finding the Perfect Tree


Do you and your family have Christmas traditions? At this very special time of year, as much as things change each year, it’s nice to know some things will stay the same. You may have seen my earlier post (Gingerbread Calendar) about one of the most treasured traditions in my family. Today, I wanted to share with you another family tradition: finding the perfect Christmas tree! Every year, my mom, sister, brother and I take a trip to Home Depot to find a tree for our house (there is not a tree farm near us). Even though I live on my own now, and my brother is in college, we still meet up and continue this tradition.

We start by putting on festive Christmas attire, including Santa or Elf hats. We usually get a couple of confused stares when we go to pick out our tree, but we think dressing up is more fun!


After we get in our festive gear, we drive to Home Depot and begin the search for the “perfect” tree. We look for a tree that is about 6-7′. Our checklist for the perfect tree:

  • must be tall
  • must have a good top (so our angel topper will sit straight)
  • needles must be forest green
  • LOTS of branches (for our many ornaments)



Once we narrow down the tree selection, we make our final pick. We always take photos with our new tree as a family.



After taking a few photos, we put the tree in our car and drive it safely home. We set up the tree in our living room and wait 1-2 days for the branches to fall before adding our ornaments.


It’s hard to believe Christmas is just five short days away!! Look out for a few more family traditions posts for the last few days of Blogmas!

xoxo Chelsey

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