Blogmas 2015: Festive Mugs

Do you collect mugs? I’m always on the hunt for a cute hot chocolate mug. My favorite places to search for mugs are Target, Home goods, and Starbucks (check out their “Dot Collection” here!)

Whether it’s an artistic mug with a cool saying, a mug purchased while traveling, or a Christmas mug, I can’t stop collecting them!! With the cold weather approaching, stores have displayed this season’s holiday/winter mugs. Want to start your day drinking coffee from a festive mug? I know you do. Below, you will find a roundup of my favorite festive mugs:


  1. Yay! It’s Christmas
  2. Santa Mug
  3. Bye Felicia
  4. Reindeer Mug
  5. Glass Snowflake
  6. Christmas Story Leg Crate
  7. Santa Set

I know, I know- two. Santa. mugs. But hey! They’re both pretty cute right?

xoxo Chelsey

PS- If you haven’t checked out my “Gingerbread Calendar” family tradition post, you can find it here!

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