Blogmas 2015: DIY Gift-Chalkboard Quote

HATChalkboardSignI was recently asked to create a chalkboard style sign for a friend. She was looking for a one of a kind gift for her son’s teacher. She found the perfect quote to have hand-written on a wood chalkboard: “the influence of a good teacher can never be erased”. The chalkboard signs are very in right now for baby photos, engagement pictures or even photo booth sessions! I thought this would be an awesome gift idea to share with you guys! It’s not only great for Christmas, but would make the perfect gift for any occasion. Today, I’m going to share with you how to create your own DIY Chalkboard Quote!

Materials needed:

  • Wood Sign (mine is from Hobby Lobby) similar here
  • Chalkboard paint or black acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint or paint marker
  • brushes
  • pencil

Step One:

Find your “chalkboard”. It can be an actual chalkboard, or you can fake it! I found a blank wood sign at Hobby Lobby for around $8. Start by sanding the wood down lightly. Use chalkboard paint (or fake it with black acrylic paint) and paint a square or rectangle for the “sign”. Let paint dry for a few hours.


Step Two:

Pick a quote, logo or phrase you will use. It could be a favorite quote, song lyric, or saying. Type the phrase and select your typeface. You can use fonts from Microsoft Word or find one online that you like. You can hand-draw the letters or use tracing paper to transfer the letters.  Use pencil to draw or transfer your text from paper to your wood sign.

Step Three:

Use a white acrylic paint marker to go over your design. The paint markers can be tricky so be careful! Make sure you shake the marker all the way and test it on a napkin or paper before starting the wood. You could hand paint the words using white acrylic paint.



Below, check out some of my other chalkboard creations:





That’s it! You have a one of a kind sign to be displayed in an office, workspace, bedroom, kitchen… pretty much anywhere! Let me know if you try out this DIY, and share your photos using the hashtag #HATblogmas.

xoxo Chelsey

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