Blogmas 2015: Decorating the Tree


To continue with my Christmas family traditions posts, tonight I’m sharing how my family decorates our Christmas tree! What decorations does your family use? Ornaments? Tinsel? Garland? Each family has their own formula for the perfectly decorated tree. For my family, we use ornaments, wood garland, ribbon bows, and lots and lots of wood and ceramic ornaments. The smell of the pine and the Christmas ornaments and lights always bring a smile to my face!

We have a TON of ornaments. Our family’s ornament collection began when my Mom first received ornaments from her mom and dad (my Nanna and Poppa). Some of the ornaments are souvenirs from vacations over the years. Once my mom had me (I’m the oldest child), she began collecting ornaments for me, then Kaitlyn and Trevor when they were born. We each have an ornament from the year we were born, as well as our “initial” ornaments throughout the years.

The process for decorating our tree is the same each year. The Beach Boys Christmas album or Christmas music on the radio is played to put us in the Christmas mood. We begin decorating our tree by adding strings of white lights.

After the lights are placed, wood garland is wrapped around the tree. My mom then starts unwrapping each ornament, one by one. Each ornament has its own box with the year/date when it was given to us. We each take turns adding the ornaments to the tree, making sure to put up ornaments that we received ourselves.

Once all of the ornaments have been positioned, my mom ties ribbon bows on a few branches randomly and then adds the angel to the top of the tree.

It’s usually one of the first times we are all together before Christmas, which makes it super special. We try to put up our tree mid-late December so that we can keep it up for as long as possible post-Christmas! How does your family decorate the tree? Do you have different ornaments or a themed tree?

xoxo Chelsey

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