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If you read this blog, you know that being a teacher is a big part of who I am. I don’t talk about classroom specifics on this blog, but I can tell you that I love teaching. For the past two years (almost 3 if you count student teaching), I have been teaching at an AMAZING school district. I can say it is amazing because 1) I myself went to school there and know how lucky I was to attend 2) my coworkers are the most talented, loving and caring people you will ever meet and 3) I care so much about my students. So why am I writing this post?  I felt the need to talk about how I have been feeling, as I’m sure there are other teachers out there experiencing what I am. It’s part of my acceptance of the current situation and trying to move forward. So here it is:

I am a very lucky person. I was lucky to student teach at my school. I was lucky to fill in for an almost 2 year maternity leave. I was lucky to become friends with my coworkers and have some amazing experiences with my students. But now, it’s September 2, and I am not teaching this year. There’s simply not a job for me. As you can tell from the name of my blog, I teach art. I LOVE art so much. It completely defines who I am and what I’m supposed to do. I’ve been painting since I was in diapers (seriously) and if I couldn’t paint, I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

My favorite thing about teaching art is that most of my students come in either hating it or not knowing much about it. Not always the case, but I’ve found it to be true more often than not. My goal as a teacher? that my students can learn to appreciate art. Appreciate? Yep. I want them to be able to look at the sneakers they buy and see the design elements. To identify why some colors go well together and others don’t.  To learn that art isn’t just painting and drawing, it can be ANYTHING. I am super passionate about what I do. Which is why the past few weeks have been hard for me. The thought of not teaching art, meeting the new students or seeing my coworkers everyday is so upsetting to me I can barely talk about it. My mom and younger sister are both teachers. They’ve been setting up their rooms for the past two weeks, and I keep feeling like I’m missing out.

I wish with all my heart that I had a job, but it’s not in my control. I have hope that one day THE perfect job will come along, and all of my hard work and patience will pay off. To any teacher out there who is waiting for a job like me, I say to keep your head up and teach where you can. I’m fortunate to teach Canvas & Cocktails, which I enjoy and is paying my bills for the time being. I just needed to say what was on my mind. I wish all of my teacher friends a great school year. I hope that I still see them (and my former students too)!

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  1. I can relate to what you’re feeling. It’s a feeling I’ve had for a few years now. It’s really tough when you’re passionate about your profession, but can’t fill the void because there’s simply not a position for you. It sucks. However, I like to think good things tend to happen when good work is done. As long as you continue to pursue what you love and continue to grow as an educator, you’ll eventually find a position. Sorry if this comes off as cheesy, but it’s what I tell myself. Hopefully this helps you or someone reading this comment.

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